Видеокамера GoPro CHDHX-502

Hero5 Black6, CHDHX-5026, Hero 54, Hero 5 Black2, HERO51, ASST11, 01853230001871
GoPro HERO22, Hero1
California Prop 65 Warning
This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.  (Please note this is for residents of California only, as required by state law.  These labels are often required for items that are 1,000 times lower than what is considered normal safe levels by the FDA and World Health Organization.)3, True - On Product Combined Cancer Reproductive2
Non-Domestic Product
Modified Item
E-commerce packaging1
Bundle Listing
Manufacturer Color
12 Мп5
Цвет экстерьера
Оптический зум
Размер экрана
2.0"10, 2.0 in3
Поставляется в комплекте с
Photo Dust Brush for Cameras and Lenses4, Deluxe High Power Air Cleaner Blower4, 47th Street Photo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth4, Lens Cleaning Pen4, Opteka Deluxe 10 Piece Camera Care Cleaning Kit4, Curved Adhesive Helmet Front Mount Kit4, Premium Medium Case3, 4PC Curved Adhesive Mount Kit3, Opteka SD Memory Card Reader3, Opteka X-GRIP Camera Action Stabilizing Handle3, Memory Card Wallet3, Floating Handgrip with Strap3, Opteka VL-5 High Power LED Video Light3, Foam Floating Camera Strap2, Selfie Stick2, Large Suction Cup Window Mount2, Opteka HG-5 Handgrip2, Tripod Mount Adapter Hero2, Chest Body Mount2, Flat Surface Adhesive Rotating 360 Degree Mount2, Head Strap Mount2, Case or Bag, Lighting Equipment, Tripod2, Tripod Mount Adapter2, Handlebar Mount2, SanDisk 32GB 32G Ultra Micro SD Class 10 SDHC Memo1, Triple Battery Charger with USB Hero5 (AHDBT-501)1, Replacement Rechargeable Battery Pack HERO5 (AHDB1, Opteka Selfie Stick1, Foam Floating Camera Hand Straps1, SanDisk 64GB Ultra Micro SD HC Class 10 SDHC Memor1, Curved Extension Arm Mount Kit1, WRIST MOUNT1, Digital Power AAA Alkaline Batteries1, SanDisk 32GB Ultra Micro SD Class 10 SDHC Memory C1, Handlebar Mount HEROs1, SanDisk 32GB 32G Ultra Micro SD HC Class 10 TF Fla1, 4PC Curved Adhesive Mount Kit for GoPro1, Curved Extension Arm Mount1
Формат носителя
MicroSD9, MiniDV3, SD3, SDHC/SD3, SDXC/SDHC/SD3, AVCHD3, MicroSDHC3, MicroSDXC3
Тип накопителя
Съемный (карта/диск/лента)13, Внутренние и съемные1
Разрешение записи
Ультра-высокое8, Высокое разрешение7, High Definition, Ultra High Definition1
Возможности подключения
HDMI3, USB3, 1 x Micro-HDMI (Type-D), Microphone Input3, 1 x Micro-HDMI Type D3, 1 x Mini-USB, 1 x Micro-HDMI Type D1
Тип батареи
Шлем/снаряжение для активных действий15, Цифровой SLR3, Action2, Sports Action Camera1
Гарантия производителя
Да8, 2 Year2
CHDHX-50222, CHDHX5023, CHDHX-5011
81827902210013, 8429841207382, 8182790214311, 07606259243571, 07606259243401, 8429841211791, 8123170325571, 8137892895931, 8123170325951, 8429841212851, 06898549293491, 8429841212091, 8123170336601
Водостойкие14, ЖК-экран10, Voice Control9, Встроенный GPS8, Пылезащитный7, Сенсорный экран7, Для использования под водой7, Ударопрочный6, Встроенный микрофон6, Встроенный Wi-Fi6, С подавлением шума ветра5, Waterproof to 33'5, Bluetooth5, Ultra-Wide-Angle Glass Lens4, Rear Touchscreen4, Wi-Fi for Remote Monitoring and Control4, Supports 4K303, 1080p120 Video3, Capture 12MP Photos at 30fps3, Interval Capture for Time Lapse3, 2.7K603, Ultra Wide Angle Glass Lens3, Image Stabilization3, Ночное видение3, Замедленная съемка3, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity2, 30fps burst2, Rear Touchscreen Display2, Advanced wind-noise reduction using 3 microphones2, Simple One-Button Control2, up to 120fps in 1080p. Waterproof up to 33'2, up to 80fps in 1440p2, Wide Dynamic Range mode. Videos: Up to 30fps in UHD 4K2, raw file option2, Time Lapse Mode2, 4K2, Photos: Up to 12MP2, Запись аудио2, Запись видео в формате 1080p HD2, Стабилизация изображения2, Linear Video Mode Corrects Distortion2, Interval Capture for Time-Lapse2, Capture 12MP Photos at 30 fps2, UHD 4K in 60 fps2, Digital Video Stabilization2, Automatic Upload to The Cloud2

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