Телескоп Celestron 39.4in. (1000mm) 31042 AstroMaster 114EQ 0050234310420

Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ Reflector Telescope Planetarium Software Tripod NEW!
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Покрытие объектива
Полное покрытие
Зеркальный, Newtonian
Тип крепления
Название модели
Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ
Фокусное расстояние
39.4in. (1000mm)
Optical Diameter
4.5in. (114mm)
Focal Ratio
Discover the breathtaking beauty of far-away worlds with the Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ 8.77 Newtonian telescope. From the rings of Saturn to the craters of the moon, this scope brings celestial features into sharp, stark relief. Boasting a quick and easy no-tool setup, this AstroMaster is the perfect starter telescope for novice enthusiasts of most ages. Even the youngest stargazers will marvel at the clarity of vision that this scope's magnification and precision allows. Sporting a permanently mounted StarPointer, budding astronomers can find and track objects in the sky with ease. As skill grows, the reward will be a captivating view of the distant galaxies and nebulae of deep space. If your interests include exploring the land as well as the sky, this telescope can handle both tasks exceedingly well. AstroMaster telescopes are designed to be dual-purpose scopes, and this model consistently delivers true-to-life views of terrestrial and heavenly subjects. Weighing in at a light 17 pounds, it can be easily transported across all kinds of terrain. With compact dimensions of 32.2 inches by 17 inches by 11 inches, this telescope can be conveniently carried to almost any location. Whether scanning the horizon for whales or studying flora on a craggy mountaintop, this Celestron delivers a solid optical performance that is better to ordinary binoculars. No matter what subject you are viewing, clear details emerge thanks to the combination of a classic achromatic refractor with a German Equatorial mount. It uses coated glass optics to provide crisp images. On land, you will enjoy high-definition views in astounding color. When locating and tracking bodies in the heavens, setting circles allows improved accuracy. The Newtonian reflector provides powerful light-gathering power that astronomy buffs of all levels will appreciate. The 114-millimeter aperture and 1,000-millimeter focal length give it capabilities that will help you probe deeper into space. The field of view can be enhanced with an optional 32-millimeter Plossl add on. This Celestron AstroMaster comes with two eyepieces. For objects that are located relatively nearby, a 20-millimeter eyepiece frames the subject nicely and delivers daytime images in definitive contrast. Choose the 10-millimeter eyepiece lens to zoom in on a subject without sacrificing focus. These eyepieces provide 50x and 100x magnification, and digital photography hobbyists will also enjoy the diverse capabilities of the Celestron AstroMaster telescope. By replacing the eyepiece with a T-adapter, professional-quality cameras can be mounted to the scope with a T-Ring adapter. Celestron telescopes make thoughtful gifts that anyone with an interest in space will certainly treasure for years to come. It has an impressive type of design that looks good. The metallic blue optical tube adorned with orange, gray, black, and anodized aluminum parts gives these scopes a scholarly and elegant feel. A handsome instrument, it can be displayed with pride when it is not in use. It comes with software with printable star maps, a 10,000-item database, and 75 enhanced images that will entrance eager learners
Быстрое крепление, Screw-on Metal Lens Cover
31042, 31042 Astronomy Newtonian Reflector Sky Tripod

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