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Nikon 4804 R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System
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Additional Features
Flash +/- compensation, Ratio control
Guide Number
100ft./ISO 100
Required Battery
2 x battery - CR123A
Min Flash Duration
Several features make the Nikon R1 Ring Macro Flash a unique Speedlight system that also happens to be incredibly user-friendly. For instance, the fully automatic, wireless, close-up Speedlight does the exposure calculation and synchronization so that you do not have to. The effectiveness of the process is ensured via wireless communication between the camera and the remote of the flashlight. This flash system comes in a practical, soft case making it easier to carry the Nikon R1 while protecting the flash. Since this is a complete system, it comes with all the necessary adaptors, filters, and rings. This enables its compatibility with some of the most popular Nikon lenses in the market. The R1 flash is specifically designed for increased control when lighting close-up subjects. For automation, the wireless environment incorporates three remote groups and four independent channels. In addition, 60-degree tilt control and flash compensation helps photographers take full control of their photo shoot. As a ready-made, close-up lighting solution, the R1 Ring Macro Flash comes with a handful of accessories. Two SB-R200 remote Speedlights are included. These lights can take advantage of a number of mounting rings in different ring sizes to accommodate almost any Nikon lens. The kit contains AS-20 stands, an SJ-2 Color Filter Set, and an SW-C1 Flexible Arm Clip. There is also an SW-11 Extreme Close-Up Positioning Adapter, SW-12 Diffusers, and a fitted Storage Case with carrying strap in black.The kit is compatible with Nikon i-TTL SLRs that have built-in Speedlights with Commander mode. For photographers who use the Nikon i-TTL digital and film SLRs without the built-in flash can, an optional SU-800 Wireless Commander is available. The SU-800 will allow compatibility with other systems. In fact, it can also be used to perform advanced functions when using this Speedlight with SB-800 and SB-600 versions.For large photo shoots, you can use the SX-1 master attachment ring. The ring enables the user to accommodate up to eight SBR-200 with an off-camera configuration and four with an on-camera configuration. For working with lenses that have short working distances, photographers can use three remote groups and 60-degree camera tilt functions to enhance the experience. Apart from SBR-200, other systems enable the user to add and control several other models for additional creative light effects.This product is compatible with most D-series Nikon cameras and SB-series flashlights. The kit already comes equipped with two SB-200 lights that work with lenses with short working distance. Additional Speedlight models such as SB-500, SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, and SB 910 can also be combined and controlled for creative lighting impact. If you require an extreme close-up lighting solution, this R1 Ring Macro Flash may offer the answer. Instead of a separate photography setup, it can act as an integrated master controller. It represents a very versatile lighting kit. It offers practical usability for a range of different situations, including macro, studio, remote indoor, and outdoor environments
Seller Warranty Coverage
Manufacturer defects same as manufacturer warranty
Без отражателя
Тип фотоаппарата
Цифровой фотоаппарат
Кольцевой светильник/макро
Совместимая марка
Для Nikon
Seller Warranty
Yes. Import Model w/1-Year Warranty via US Seller
Supported Exposure Control
4804, FSA906BA
Управление светом AF

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