Вспышка для фотоаппарата Bower SFD290 0636980504308

Bower SFD290 Digital Universal Automatic Flash for Canon, Minolta, Nikon,Samsung
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Совместимая марка
Для Canon
Вспышки Shoe Mount
Тип фотоаппарата
Цифровой фотоаппарат
Lens Coverage
28mm - 85mm
Meant for Canon SLR camera models, the Bower SFD290 is a fully automatic shoe mount flash that helps you shoot in low light condition or at night. This TTL Controlled Bower shoe mount flash produces true-to-life images, by filling dark areas, adding depth, eliminating red-eye and enhancing the picture resolution. With an automatic range of 3.3-36 feet, this Bower flash for canon gives greater flexibility to the end-user. With 0.5-7 seconds recycle time, this Bower shoe mount flash lets you take pictures one after the other, quickly, without having to wait for too long. With 60 degrees horizontal and 45 degrees vertical angle of coverage, the Bower SFD290 fires light over a much broader area, covering everything you wish to. The vertical bounce and horizontal swivel feature of this Bower flash for canon give better ability to illuminate different areas, keeping the base of the flash constant
Название модели
Bower SFD290
Guide Number
99ft./ISO 100

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