Вспышка для фотоаппарата PENTAX 540 FGZ AF 39125 0027075116269

NEW Pentax AF 540 FGZ Shoe Mount Flash for Pentax Cameras
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Vertical rotation angle
+90 / -10
Название модели
The Pentax AF 540 FGZ is one powerful flash. In fact, the power in this flash leads the Pentax line of cameras and accessories. The AF 540 FGZ has a zooming flash head that tilts and swivels for bounce flash. This is critical for photo sessions where bouncing off of walls and ceilings or reflectors is done. The photographer can control the bounce and swivel activity to customize it to the lighting needs of each setting. This Pentax flash has a built-in wide-angle diffuser and a built-in catch-light panel as well, always important with portrait photography and is useful for video production as well. All of this is packaged into a compact form. At just 1.5 pounds, the clip on Pentax AF 540 FGZ flash is amazingly tiny, considering its power and robust functionality. This is the type of feature-full, yet compact and portable accessory gear that professionals photographers and hobbyists need. When paired with a Pentax autofocus SLR camera, the AF 540 FGZ automatically adjusts its angle of discharge to the lens’ focal length. The AF 540 FGZ also features a wide array of automatic flash functions. These include PTT-L auto flash, TTL auto flash, standard auto flash and a manual mode. High-speed synchronization and wireless PTT-L are features built into this Pentax flash as well. If wide angle shots are needed, photographers will appreciate the slide out wide angle panel, enough to cover a view of 20mm when using in 35mm format. The Pentax AF 540 FGZ also has a high guide number of 54. As flash intensity declines with distance, the guide number is especially critical. The higher the guide number, the better the ability of the flash to illuminate the subject with proper exposure at these longer distances. The Pentax flash has 100-degree vertical and 180-degree horizontal adjustable angles to ensure your camera has lighting to capture the shot optimally. Automatic zoom within the Pentax flash adjusts how concentrated the light needs to be to produce high-quality shots through the lens, allowing you to sync your flash to the lighting needs you may encounter. The Pentax flash has an auto sleep function as well, saving your battery life. However, some prefer to disable this auto feature, and this is easily accomplished if that is your preference. Overall, the flash draws reasonably low from battery life. Again, the functionality built within this accessory has been optimized to provide full features that work together and therein reduce battery drain. Pentax camera users are devoted to their brand. In addition, they will find that the Pentax 540 FGZ Shoe Mount Flash will not disappoint. With its versatile set of automatic and manual adjustment options, photographers are able to set lighting to meet the individual demands of most any environment. The accessory is lightweight, runs for an amazing length of time on batteries, provides all the auto functions required today to produce optimal lighting, and it has exceptional bounce as well as great tilt features. Be sure to check this one out
2 Channel.99in
Guide Number
54ft./ISO 100
Lens Coverage
24mm - 85mm
Required Battery
4 x battery - AA type
Страна производитель
Additional Features
Wireless off-camera control, AF illuminator, Modeling flash capability, Slave function
Manual Power Control Levels
1/8, 1/2, 1/1, 1/16, 1/32, 1/4, 1/64
Supported Exposure Control
С отражателем
Тип фотоаппарата
Цифровой фотоаппарат
Вспышки Shoe Mount
Совместимая марка
Для Pentax
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39125, 30425

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